Private cooking classes in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, San Sebastian……

With a traditional, avant-garde or vegan focus

Enjoy our private hands-on cooking classes in English, specially designed and programmed, just for you and your friends, according to your preferences. Some of our half-day cooking classes include a guided visit to a local food market for seasonal products, and all of them will pamper you with the undivided attention of our expert cooking teachers. No hurries, feel free to ask questions and chat; you mark the pace in a wonderful, laidback atmosphere.

Prepare a complete menu based on traditional, avant garde or vegan Spanish dishes, and when your work is done, sit down to a full lunch, accompanied by selected Spanish wines…

Check out our selection of private cooking classes all over Spain:

  • Cooking class in Barcelona includes visit to La Boqueria food market. Also available with Avant Garde focus
  • Cooking class in Madrid at a private professional kitchen. Also available with Avant Garde or Vegan focus
  • Cooking class in San Sebastian at a private Gastronomic Society
  • Cooking class in Seville includes visit to a local food market
  • Cooking class in Valencia learn to cook an authentic Paella
  • Cooking class in Marbella enjoy cooking by the sea
  • Cooking class in Cádiz at a wonderful rustic kitchen in a country home
  • Cooking class in Costa Brava taste the flavors of Catalonia
  • Cooking Class in Galicia cook delicious Galician recipes at historic Santiago